BWH Explorer

a research tool for exploring Bible
chronologies in greater depth

Author's comments on this software

No matter what we deal with in life, the context in which events occur is always important.  Context helps us understand the reason for events.  While this is true for events that happen in our own personal lives, it is equally as true when trying to understand events as recorded in history.

Since 1999, on this website I have presented a single time-line, which is the result of my own personal study (see Author's Comments for more details).  Now I am giving you the opportunity to compare this time-line against other established timelines.  This is achieved via a Windows-based computer software program that you can download for free and install on your computer.  This allows you to explore the various timelines in a way that is not possible on a website, and also allows you to access the timelines when you are not connected to the internet.

David Petrie
(see contact information for email address)

Overview of Software

The BWH Explorer software currently contains detailed analysis of the following time-lines, the first three are based on the Old Testament of the Bible, the last two are chronologies of Ancient Egypt:

The BWH Explorer software contains three tabs, which allow you to do the following:

Download the Software

The BWH Explorer software has been development in association with Petrie Software Pty Ltd.  The software is hosted on the Petrie Software website and can be accessed via the following link. 




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