Moses and the Period of the Judges

Person or Era  Year Begin   Year End  Length in Years Comments
Moses2649157527691455120Moses was born 80yrs prior to Israelites leaving Egypt, which was 430yrs after Jacob/Israel arrived in Egypt (see Exodus 7:7 & 12:40). Death: Deuteronomy 34:7
Wanderings in the desert272914952769145540
Joshua (time of conquest)27691455277614487Analysis of Caleb's age in Joshua 14:7 & 14:10
Joshua & Elders (time of rest)27761448c.2797 c.1427 22 est. Estimated
Bondage to Cushan-Rishathaim, king of Aram-Naharaimc.2797 c.1427 c.2805 c.1419 8Judges 3:8
Othniel (Caleb's younger brother)c.2805 c.1419 c.2845 c.1379 40Judges 3:9-11
Bondage to Eglon, King of Moabc.2845 c.1379 c.2863 c.1361 18Judges 3:14
Ehud (and then Shamgar)c.2863 c.1361 c.2943 c.1281 80Judges 3:30
Bondage to Jabin, King of Canaanc.2943 c.1281 c.2963 c.1261 20Judges 4:3
Deborahc.2963 c.1261 c.3003 c.1221 40Judges 4:4 - 5:31
Bondage to Midianitesc.3003 c.1221 c.3010 c.1214 7Judges 6:1
Gideonc.3010 c.1214 c.3050 c.1174 40Judges 8:28
Abimelech (son of Gideon)c.3050 c.1174 c.3053 c.1171 3Judges 9:22
Tolac.3053 c.1171 c.3076 c.1148 23Judges 10:1,2
Jairc.3071 c.1153 c.3093 c.1131 22Judges 10:3
Bondage to Philistines and Ammonitesc.3093 c.1131 c.3111 c.1113 18Judges 10:6-8
Jephthahc.3107 c.1117 c.3113 c.1111 6Judges 12:7
Ibzanc.3111 c.1113 c.3118 c.1106 7Judges 12:9
Elonc.3116 c.1108 c.3126 c.1098 10Judges 12:11
Abdonc.3124 c.1100 c.3132 c.1092 8Judges 12:13
Bondage to Philistinesc.3132 c.1092 c.3172 c.1052 40Judges 13:1 & 15:20


Event  Year of Event  Birth of Person or Event used as Starting Reference Comments
AM BC Name Years
The Exodus - Moses liberates Israelites27291495Moses80Exodus 7:7
God gives Israel the 10 Commandments27291495Exodus1Exodus 19:1 for date (3 months after leaving Egypt)
Israel resides in Kadesh Barnea27311493Exodus2Deuteronomy 2:14
Aaron dies27691455Aaron123Death: Numbers 33:38,39. Aaron 3 yrs older than Moses - see Exodus 7:7
Isreal leaves the desert27691455Exodus40
Caleb receives Hebron27761448Caleb85Joshua 14:7,10



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