Critical Path for Biblical Chronology

(an overview of what determines the accuracy of dates measured after Creation)

The accuracy of a chronology is only as strong as the assumptions that are made when constructing it.  Here those assumptions are outlined.  Also described is the major timeline that determines the overall length of the biblical chronology.


The chronology presented on this site pre-supposes two general assumptions:

Major Biblical Timeline

The major timeline is the line that travels through the least number of people and events.  This timeline is used as the backbone for all other timelines.  As far as the Bible is concerned, there are a few pieces of information - such as age at death, age at birth of son, etc... - which are scattered throughout the biblical account.  Taken together, these isolated pieces of information form the basis of the major timeline.  An outline of the major timeline follows:

Other Chronologies

The above major timeline is the timeline compiled by the author of this website - see Author's Comments for further information.  Brief mention is made of other timelines here:


The bible contains lists of names showing the family trees of a number of families - but with no dates or ages.  These genealogies are therefore outside the scope of this website.  However, we have a vistor contribution on this site from Norman Tew which explores these genalogies in detail:


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(Minor updates to explanatory notes in "Major Biblical Timeline" on 1 Sep 2006.  Updated "Other Chronologies" section on 29 Jan 2010.  Added "Genealogies" section on 16 Dec 2011.  Updated "Genealogies" section on 23 Jan 2021)

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