Early Christianity

Person  Year Born  Year Begin Reign/Ministry Year Died/Exile Length of Reign/Min. in Years Age at Death / Exile Comments
Roman Emperors
Octavian (Caesar Augustus)416163BC 419727BC 4238144076
Tiberius (Tiberius Caesar Augustus)418242BC 4238144261372378
Caligula (Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus)423612426137426541429
Claudius (Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus)421410BC 4265414278541363
Nero (Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus)4261374278544292681431
Galba (Servius Galba Caesar Augustus)42213BC 429268429369171
Otho (Marcus Otho Caesar Augustus)4256324293694293693 months 37
Vitellius (Aulus Vitellius Germanicus)423915429369429369less than 1 54
Vespasian (Caesar Vespasianus Augustus)423394293694303791070
Kings, Tetrarchs, Governors and Prefects under Roman Authority
Herod the Great (king)415173BC 418737BC 42204BC 3369
Herod Archelaus (tetrarch)420222BC 42204BC 42296939Exiled in 6 AD. Died in approx. 18 AD.
Herod Antipas (tetrarch of Galilee)420321BC 42204BC 4262394259
Herod Philip (tetrarch)420420BC 42204BC 4257343753
Herod Agrippa I (king of Judaea)c.4214 c.10BC 426037426744753
Pontius Pilate (governor / prefect of Judaea) 42492642593610 Exiled in 36 AD. Died probably in 39 AD.
Jesus Christ and his 12 Disciples
Jesus Christc.4218 c.6BC c.4250 c.27 c.4254 c.31 3.532 est
Simon Peter c.64
James (son of Zebedee) c.44 Died in Jerusalem (see Acts 12:2)
John (son of Zebedee) Younger brother of James
Andrew 60 or 70 Was previously a disciple of John the Baptist
Thomas c.53 Death date is traditional
James (son of Alphaeus)
Thaddaeus (or Judas, son of James)
Simon (the Cananaean)
Judas Iscariot c.31
Other early followers of Jesus Christ
Stephen c.34
Paul (Hebrew name Saul) sometime after 62 Paul died sometime after his period of house arrest described in Acts 28:30



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