Greece and Hellenism

King  Year Born  Begin Reign Died/Exile Length of Reign in Years Age at Death / Exile Comments
Philip II3842382386535938883362346
Alexander III (Alexander the Great)3868356388833639013231333
Philip III Arrhidaeus386635839013233907317641Mentally impaired, illegitimate son of Philip II (Alexander the Great's father)
Alexander IV3901323390132339143101313
Military Officers in the army of Alexander the Great (members of the Diadochoi)
Antipaterc.3827 c.397 3905319 78Birth date approx
Cassanderc.3866 c.358 39193053927297861Birth date approx
Lysimachusc.3864 c.360 391930539432812479Birth date approx
Perdiccasc.3859 c.365 3903321 44Birth date approx. Assassinated
Craterusc.3854 c.370 3903321 49Birth date approx. Killed in battle
Eumenesc.3862 c.362 3908316 46Birth date approx
Polyperchon Senior Commander to Antipater
Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt (Ptolemy I was one of the Diadochoi)
Ptolemy I Soterc.3857 c.367 391930539412832284Birth date approx. Declared King in 305
Ptolemy II Philadelphus3916308393928539782463962
Ptolemy III Euergetesc.3948 c.276 397824640032212555Birth date guestimate
Ptolemy IV Philopatorc.3986 c.238 400322140192051633Birth date approx
Ptolemy V Epiphanesc.4014 c.210 401920540441802530Birth date approx
Ptolemy VI Philometorc.4034 c.190 404418040791453545Birth date guestimate (ruled as co-regent with mother Cleopatra I until her death in 176 BC)
Ptolemy VII Neos Philopatorc.4069 c.155 40791454080144111Birth date guestimate (ruled as co-regent with Ptolemy VI from 147 BC, then as co-regent with Cleopatra II until 144 BC, when he was murdered by Ptolemy VIII)
Ptolemy VIII Euergetes IIc.4034 c.190 407914541081162974Birth date guestimate (ruled as co-regent with brother Ptolemy VI from 170 - 164 BC, Ruler of Cyrenaica from 163 - 145 BC. Married Cleopatra II in 144 BC)
Ptolemy IX Soter II 410811641171079 Co-regent with mother Cleopatra III
Ptolemy X Alexander I 411710741368819 Younger brother to Ptolemy IX, also co-regent with mother Cleopatra III until her death in 101 BC
Ptolemy IX Soter II 4136884143817
Ptolemy XI Alexander IIc.4109 c.115 414381414480135Birth date approx - son of Ptolemy X. Married Berenice III (widow of Ptolemy IX, who was also his daughter) and became co-regent with her (she was named as heir by Ptolemy IX). He then murdered her to gain sole regency - the people of Alexandria murdered him in response
Ptolemy XII Auletesc.4112 c.112 4144804173512961Birth date approx. Son of Ptolemy IX (mother is unknown). Married Cleopatra V Tryphaeana
Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator416163417351417747416Son of Ptolemy XII, Co-regent with sister Cleopatra VII until 48 BC when he expelled her
Ptolemy XIV Theos Philopator IIc.4165 c.59 417747418044315Birth date approx. Brother to Ptolemy XIII. Co-regent with sister Cleopatra VII (who reportedly killed him to make way for her son Ptolemy XV Caesar)
Ptolemy XV Caesar4177474180444194301417Son of Cleopatra VII and Julius Caesar (of Rome). Killed by Octavian (later Emperor Augustus) after the death of his mother Cleopatra in 30 BC
Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator4155694173514194302139Co-regent with brothers Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV and son Ptolemy XV. Committed suicide.
Seleucid Kingdom (Seleucus was one of the Diadochoi)
Seleucus I Nicatorc.3866 c.358 391930539432812477Birth date approx
Antiochus I Soter3900324394328139632612063Co-regent with father Seleucus from 292 BC
Antiochus II Theosc.3937 c.287 396326139782461541Birth date approx
Seleucus II Callinicusc.3964 c.260 397824639992252135Birth date guestimate (probably to be before 253 BC when Antiochus II married Berenice II - Seleucus' mother)
Seleucus III Soterc.3979 c.245 39992254001223222Birth date guestimate. Son of Seleucus II
Antiochus III - the Great3982242400122340371873655
Seleucus IV Philopatorc.4007 c.217 403718740491751242Birth date approx
Antiochus IV Epiphanesc.4009 c.215 404917540601641151Birth date approx
Antiochus V 406016440621622
Demetrius I Soterc.4037 c.187 406216240741501237Birth date approx. Killed by Alexander Balas
Alexander Balas 407415040791455 Pretender - claimed to be a son of Antiochus IV. Killed by Demetrius II
Demetrius II Nicator406316140791454085139622Captured by the Parthians in 139 BC
Antiochus VII Sidetesc.4065 c.159 408513940951291030Birth date approx
Demetrius II Nicator406316140951294099125436Released by the Parthians in 129 BC
Antigonid Kingdom (Antigonus I was one of the Diadochoi)
Antigonus I Monophthalmosc.3842 c.382 39183063923301581Birth date approx
Demetrius I Poliorcetes3888336393029439412831153
Antigonus II Gonatasc.3905 c.319 394827639852393780Birth date approx. Was declared king in 276 BC, but acted as regent since 283 BC
Demetrius IIc.3948 c.276 398523939952291047Birth date approx
Antigonus III Dosonc.3961 c.263 3997227c.4003 c.221 642Birth and death date approx (was guardian of Philip V, son of Demetrius II)
Philip V3986238400322140451794259
Perseusc.4012 c.212 4045179c.4056 c.168 1144Birth and death date approx (died c. 165 BC)
Maccabean Leaders in Jewish Revolt againt Seleucia
Judas Maccabeus 405616840631617
Jonathan Maccabeus 4063161408114318
Hasmonean Dynasty in Judaea (Priest-Prince Ruling Family)
Simon Maccabeus 408114340901349
John Hyrcanus Ic.4049 c.175 409013441201043071birth date approx
Aristobulus I 412010441211031
Alexander Jannaeus 412110341487627
Salome Alexandra 4148764157679 widow of Alexander Jannaeus
John Hyrcanus II 41487641844036 died in 30 BC
Aristobulus II 4157674161634 Judaea comes under rule of Rome - Pompey the Great
Antigonus Mattathias 4184404187373
Herod the Great415173418737422043369Client King under Roman Authority
Roman Republic (and beginning of empire)
Julius Caesarc.4124 c.100 417747418044356approx birth date. Reign as "Dictator" (ie. appointed supreme by the Senate in times of military need)
Pompey the Great4118106 417648 58
Mark Antony4142824181434194301052
Octavian (Caesar Augustus)416163419727423814AD 4076



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