Chart showing Greece in the early Hellenism period

All dates on this chart have been taken from Britannica CD, Version 99 © 1994-1999. Encyclopędia Britannica, Inc.


    Greece: (Early Hellenism)

    c. 3940 - c. 4050 AM [Chart]
    c. 280 - c. 170 BC [Chart]

    After the period of time in which the Diadochoi fought (successors of Alexander the Great - i.e. his military generals) arose the era of Hellenism.

There were three major Hellenistic powers:  the Ptolemaic Dynasty (in Egypt); the Seleucid Kingdom (in modern day Iraq/Iran); and the Antigonid Kingdom (in Macedonia).  Out of the three, the Ptolemaic and Seleucid kingdoms were the strongest.  These two kingdoms waged a series of wars against each other over the territory then known as Syria (which included the Jews in Palestine) and these wars came to be known as the Syrian Wars.