Greece: Alexander the Great (& the Diadochoi)

Chart showing Greece under Alexander the Great

All dates on this chart have been taken from Britannica CD, Version 99 © 1994-1999. Encyclopędia Britannica, Inc.

    Greece: Alexander III
    (and the Diadochoi)

    3888 - c. 3840 AM [Chart]
    336 - c. 280 BC [Chart]

Summary of Events:
    The Diadochoi

    Alexander the Great had a profound impact on the Mediterranean world.  He successfully overthrew the influence of Persia in the region, and established Greek culture - a culture that would have a lasting influence.  The ideals of Greece continued to have a lasting impact, even after the Romans came to power some three hundred years later.

However Greece, as a unified empire, was short-lived.  Alexander reigned for 13 years before his untimely death at Babylon in 323 BC, due to an illness brought on by heavy drinking at a banquet the night before.

After Alexander's death, his empire was divided among his leading military generals.  Alexander's half-brother (Philip III) and son (Alexander IV) were crowned joint kings, but in practice they were merely figureheads.  The real power lay with the generals, who considered themselves regents, and came to be known in history as the Diadochoi - Successors of Alexander.  For a detailed look at the events of the Diadochoi select the link at the top of this document.