Judaea: Hasmonean Dynasty

Chart showing the period of the Hasmonean Dynasty in Judaea

All dates on this chart have been extrapolated from AM dates calculated up until Judah's Babylonian
Exile, and from BC dates taken from Britannica CD, Version 99 © 1994-1999. Encyclopędia Britannica, Inc.

See Critical Path for information on converting between AM and BC dates.

    (Hasmonean Dynasty)

    4060 - 4187 AM [Chart]
    164 - 37 BC [Chart]

    The period of time shown on this chart corresponds with the previous chart, which shows Late Hellenism.  This chart, however, shows the era from a Jewish perspective.


Judas Maccabeus lead the Jewish people in what is now referred to as the Jewish war for independence.  This war was was fought against the Seleucid kingdom - specifically Antiochus V.

The Hasmonean dynasty was a priest-prince ruling family in Judaea.  It officially commenced with Simon Maccabeus - who probably named the dynasty after an ancestor.

The Hasmonean dynasty officially came to an end with Antigonus Mattathias. Herod the Great was not of the Hasmonean line, but was given authority to rule by the Roman Republic, who had by then taken control of Judaea.  Herod was known officially as a "client king" subservient to Rome.