Creation - Early Christianity

Chart dating from Creation to Early Christianity

The pre-Babylonian BC dates shown here have been reverse-calculated from the period of Judah's Babylonian Exile
when the AM dates (dates after Creation) meet recognised historical BC dates.  See Critical Path for further information.

Post-Babylonian dates have been taken from Britannica CD, Version 99 © 1994-1999. Encyclopędia Britannica, Inc.


    Creation - Early Christianity

    1 - c. 4218 AM [Chart]
    4223 - c. 6 BC [Chart]

    The chart displayed for this era is an overview chart, or context chart.  It displays in one panoramic view the history of this world from Creation up until the time of Jesus Christ. 

The chart contains labels (in bold red) which correspond to each of the detailed charts presented on this site. These labels are hot links which, when selected, will allow you to "drill down" to the detail chart itself. 

The overview chart is presented in both AM and BC dating schemes.